It all sets back to 1965 when late Mr JK Mehra used to run a fitting business which comprised of military and saddlery hardware. His sons Mr Anup Kumar Mehra and Mr Ashok Mehra were passionate about the equestrian industry and established Mehra Group in 1988.

With the idea of expanding the business and their keen interest in this field Mr Anup Kumar Mehra travelled to Europe all the way from Kanpur. Fortunately he was able to procure the first order which set up a path for the company to expand their business. After that the company started to expand and was able to set three manufacturing units in the city of Kanpur.

Until 1995 the company exported leather and saddlery goods under EQUINE MAKERS, after 1995 the goal of the company was to take the business to another level. By adding new products and some more business expansion stratergies, the company was coming closer to their goal of including textiles(breeches) in their exports. The new export of textiles gave a good response from the dealers which led the company to start the export of breeches in 1999 under the name of MEHRA APPARELS.

The new generation took the responsibility of introducing new products in the broader world market.

Mr Puneet Mehra who learned the art of shoe designing and manufacturing from the famous De Monte university,UK has been able to set up a new unit named MEHRA SHOES in 2010 which deals with the production of shoes. His hard work and shoe designs have been appreciated by the buyers around the globe. Mehra shoes under his supervision has been able to maintain its quality and set a standard that makes it one of the leading shoes exporters since 2010

With the joining of Mr Sanyam Mehra in 2014 a young and dynamic person who has done business management from the famous IP university in Delhi the company seems to expand the business by introducing new stratergies and new products in Mehra Apparels making the company more popular across the globe.

Mr Sumant Khattar with his keen eyesight has contributed tremendously to improve the quality of the leather artifacts in Equine Makers.


Our company is an export oriented company with most of its sales being contributed to 12 countries including UK, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland etc. We aim to enhance customer satisfaction by sustaining to superior quality and our mission covers the entire globe.






The products manufactured in the company are taken care by the following subdivisions of the company


which have their own individual departments and all departments of our unit work in complete harmony to keep the promises made with respect to the quality and delivery of the product.


Our R&D department is always busy in looking for new materials to be developed and available in the market to evolve designs which have always left a positive impact on the customers. Sampling being the key element of any manufacturing company is given prime importance. Therefore our designers, buyers ,individuals engaged in sourcing and purchasing, production team, quality control personnel and the costing department work closely at different levels using CAD system to process high quality sample at the best price


Our manufacturing department entails a lot of planning for converting inputs to outputs through various stages of production.

-Preparation of production plan involves determining the schedule of production, sequence of operations, economic batch quantities and also dispatching priorities for sequence of jobs.

cutting department is set up with a cutting department head, cutters, spreaders, quality checkers and helpers for sorting, ply numbering and bundling and is responsible for cutting materials after getting a cut order from production manager.

closing department– here the component pieces are sewn together by highly skilled machines so as to produce the completed upper.

In mehra shoes in order to achieve highest work standards our unit is equipped with Italian machines from Cerim ,a company which boasts fifty years of experience in production of footwear machinery.

Also the use of CAD in Mehra Apparels has aided us to satisfy the most diverse design and production requirements.

finishing department– finishing of the product depends on the material used for making it.

-for the textiles, thread sucking and ironing is done to remove creases and impart a flat appearance to the garments and then the garment is ready for packing by the packing department.

-for the leather products, the edges are trimmed and buffed to give a smooth finish. The leather is also stained, polished and waked and then it is ready for the final packing in the boxes.

quality check department-inspection of all products during the process of production are carried out regularly to ensure world class quality.our quality assurance team keep a constant watch on the standards,processes and policies to improve manufacturing environment.

All the departments coordinate to keep the promises made with respect to the quality and delivery of the product. We are in a habit of closely scrutinizing the feedbacks and suggestions from our customers which inspires us to improve our standards. We encourage face to face dealing with our customers and try to respond inquiries and complaints promptly which has helped us to improve our sales every year.


Mehra shoes has already turned out a leading entrant by earning emerging footwear export of the year award by export promotion council India in the year 2011. Above this is the trust shown in our products by the famous equestrian companies around the world.